No Stress Birthday Cakes

Are you planning a birthday celebration? One of the first things that comes to mind is the birthday cake. First things first, call a birthday cake bakery early. Usually the cake is the center of the celebration. And, as the focal point, it can quickly become an overwhelming issue in the planning stages.

frozen movie cakesSimplify the process: Call Sweet D’z Bakery!

We specialize in birthday cakes and unique custom cake designs for birthdays for young and more mature honored guests. All you need to know is how many people you want to serve and what the party theme will be. Then call the professional bakers as early as possible (at least 2 weeks in advance).

And, for special dietary needs we can make any cake gluten free, dairy free, and even vegan cakes. There is no need to sacrifice taste for a gluten free cake! We make even these special cakes yummy too!

As with everything else, the birthday cake should follow the party’s theme. Girls and boys like different themes, and there are hundreds to choose from out there. But make sure your planning chooses a single theme early — that way you’ll have more time to think of ideas for the cake!

The most common types of birthday cakes are rectangular shaped with the design handled by skillful placement of colored icing, candy, flowers, and other decorative pieces. Some of these cakes be different shapes like square or round but the design is usually always on the top face.

Other cake styles include specialty animal shaped cakes or three dimensional cakes that can add special effects and beautiful design elements. A traditional tiered cake may be the cake of choice for larger party groups. Specialty cakes for traditional  quinceanera celebrations can be as elaborate as wedding cakes. In either situation, cake designs and options are available for most every theme conceivable.

For instance, a small boy may dream of becoming a fireman. An appropriate birthday cake designfireman cakes may be a cake shaped like a fire truck with figurines of firemen and a dalmatian puppy. It could also include a small “burning” building to the place candles. View our cake pictures for more ideas.

Besides custom cakes, other birthday celebration dessert options can include large decorated cookies or brightly designed cupcakes. Any of these choices from Sweet D’z Express Bakery will guarantee plenty of sweets for all the party guests.

Don’t stress about the birthday cake

You definitely need to plan ahead and order your cake in an appropriate time frame. Let us help you plan the details of a yummy custom designed birthday cake. We can take on the stress of this party requirement. A great looking and super tasting birthday cake will make your event complete with ease.

Birthday cakes are one of the most important things of interest in any birthday celebration. A birthday party with no tasty birthday cake will not make that event complete. Watch this short video featuring some of our recent Birthday Cakes Bentonville.

Call us at (479) 553-7273 at least one week in advance to get us started. Northwest Arkansas party planners can easily visit us in our new Bentonville location. Get directions and store hours on our Contact Page.

14 year old girl birthday cakesPlanning a birthday party doesn’t need to cause headaches and tension in our normally hectic lives. Try to simplify where you can and let Sweet D’z Express Bakery handle the cake. We know great Birthday Cakes will always make the special day complete.


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