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Sweet D'z Bakery in Bentonville http://sweetdzbakery.com Gourmet bakery specializing in cinnamon rolls, cookies, custom cakes, cupcakes, brownies, wedding cakes, and muffins. Wed, 29 Apr 2015 21:57:39 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Women In Business Feature http://sweetdzbakery.com/women-in-business-feature/ http://sweetdzbakery.com/women-in-business-feature/#comments Tue, 06 Jan 2015 15:55:10 +0000 http://sweetdzbakery.com/?p=1124 Celebrate Arkansas Magazine has included a short article about Melissa and Denise in the January 2015 edition, page 70.

The January edition features many other successful women that have made an impact on the growth of Northwest arkansas.



 Thank you Celebrate. We are honored to have been included in this issue. Click Here to read the digital version of the interview.


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Best Bakery Winner http://sweetdzbakery.com/best-bakery-winner/ http://sweetdzbakery.com/best-bakery-winner/#comments Tue, 02 Dec 2014 14:15:04 +0000 http://sweetdzbakery.com/?p=1122 Sweet D’z Bakery was voted BEST BAKERY by the readers of Celebrate Arkansas Magazine!best bakery winner 2014

Thank you so very much! We are excited, thrilled, humbled, honored… and very, very grateful.

You guys are the BEST!!!!!

Here’s the link to the official announcement that we made Best Bakery 2014 for Celebrate Arkansas Magazine’s Very Best list! Click Here. Go to page 70 to see us listed under Bakeries.

We are so excited!

Thank you so much to Celebrate Arkansas Magazine, their readers, and our fabulous customers and friends!!

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Cake Show Top Winners http://sweetdzbakery.com/cake-show-top-winners/ http://sweetdzbakery.com/cake-show-top-winners/#comments Tue, 30 Sep 2014 04:49:22 +0000 http://sweetdzbakery.com/?p=1117 Sweet D’z Bakery made it’s debut at the OSSAS this year!melissa

OSSAS is the acronym for Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show. Only the biggest exhibition of cakes you will ever see in one place. This event is actually known as “the Super Bowl of cake shows”!

Master sugar artist Kerry Vincent, the host of Save My Bakery on the Food Network, is the director and co-founder of the annual Oklahoma Sugar Art Show. We were very excited to be accepted to participate and enter our cake creations for formal judging.

denise hahnDenise entered the baking division with her Chocolate Carrot Cake, and won FIRST PLACE!! chocolate carrot cake with white chocolate buttercream

Denise’s winning cake! A chocolate carrot cake with white chocolate buttercream, whipped chocolate buttercream, and ginger toasted pecans.

It was ah-maze-ing! She had to include the chocolate, vanilla, and ginger that were sent to her by the sponsors of the contest. Yummy!

Melissa entered the decorating competition in the professional division’s Tiered Non-Wedding Cake category, and Melissa's Storybook Barnyard Cakeshe won THIRD PLACE!! This Storybook Barnyard Cake too weeks to design and complete. Come see it in our lobby area. Woo-Hoo!

The show weekend was fabulous.

We met lots of wonderful people and, we learned so much our brains hurt!

We’ll be ready to do it all again next year at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show 2015.

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How To Care For Your Sweet D’z Cake http://sweetdzbakery.com/how-to-care-for-your-sweet-dz-cake/ http://sweetdzbakery.com/how-to-care-for-your-sweet-dz-cake/#comments Mon, 19 May 2014 20:51:08 +0000 http://sweetdzbakery.com/?p=838 Get Your Cake Home Safely!

It is important to have an understanding of how to transport your cake, how to prepare your car and the importance of being very cautious while driving.

Follow these simple tips to handling your cake with care:

  • Travel with your cake on a flat surface out of direct sunlight, such as the back of an SUV or on the floor in front of the passenger seat. Never place a cake on a slanted car seat.
  • Remove all loose items from the vicinity of the cake (such as on the seat above it) to prevent anything from shifting during transport and damaging the cake.
  • Carry the cake box from the bottom. The sides of the cake box can collapse inward and damage the cake.
  • Keep your cake in moderate/cool temperatures (below 75 degrees, preferably.) The cake is shelf-stable and happiest on the counter out of direct sunlight.
  • Unless otherwise noted, do not put your Sweet D’z Cake in the refrigerator before the party. (The fondant will sweat and run down the cake.)
  • To remove the cake from the cake box, disassemble the box and slide the cake out. It’ll be heavy!
  • Use a sharp knife to cut the cake.
How to remove a cake from a cake box

Slide the cake out the front of the box


Use a sharp knife to cut the cake

Click Here for some tips on cutting a wedding cake.




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January Small Business of the Month Award http://sweetdzbakery.com/january-small-business-of-the-month-award/ http://sweetdzbakery.com/january-small-business-of-the-month-award/#comments Fri, 07 Feb 2014 01:39:13 +0000 http://sweetdzbakery.com/?p=816 award goes to bentonville bakery

Sweet D’z Bakery was recently surprised to  receive the January Small Business of the Month Award from the Small Business Council of the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce!

On January 29th, the Chamber representatives visited with us to deliver this special award.

We are so excited and honored to receive this award. It was fun to meet the Chamber members bakeryand ambassadors that visited with us.

A big Thank You to the Chamber for recognizing Sweet D’z Bakery! We truly do appreciate the recognition and support.

Of course we served the refreshments; some fresh brownies made the morning especially sweet.

Then, it was back to work.

Look for this award proudly displayed in our (spacious) lobby area.

award for sweet dz bakery



Thank you everyone, for your wonderful support!

We are very blessed to be able to do what we love and to be able to give back to the community whenever we can. We certainly wouldn’t be able to do that without all of you.

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Hexagon Wedding Cake http://sweetdzbakery.com/hexagon-wedding-cake/ http://sweetdzbakery.com/hexagon-wedding-cake/#comments Wed, 04 Dec 2013 20:20:06 +0000 http://sweetdzbakery.com/?p=804  

Check out this wedding cake we posted on our Facebook page.

Go ahead and like us here to share with your friends too.




We Do Wedding Cakes

We do lots of wedding cakes for weddings in Bentonville and the Northwest Arkansas area. All our cakes for weddings are 100% gourmet hand made from scratch using the best possible ingredients. We will deliver and set up your cake in NWA as part of our wedding cake services.

Please share our page or information with your friends when they get started planning their special wedding day. We would love to help them out with their wedding shower cakes too!

Wedding Cake Bakery

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Wedding Cake Bakery In Northwest Arkansas http://sweetdzbakery.com/wedding-cake-bakery-in-northwest-arkansas/ http://sweetdzbakery.com/wedding-cake-bakery-in-northwest-arkansas/#comments Wed, 30 Oct 2013 02:32:39 +0000 http://sweetdzbakery.com/?p=789 Beautiful Wedding Cakes For NWA

Right after choosing a dress, the wedding cake is probably a wedding’s second most important traditional selection. From the traditional multi-tiered cake to the newest fad cup cake tower to your favorite sports mascot styled cake, your special day should include a bride’s cake that shows your unique personality.

We would be honored to help design and deliver your wedding cake in Northwest Arkansas. Sweet D’z is a gourmet bakery specializing in custom cakes made from the finest ingredients available.

The best wedding cake is planned well in advance of the big day. We suggest starting the cake selection and design process as early as six months in advance. Yes, early is better to make sure our schedule is open and give you plenty of time. Browse some of our recent wedding cakes.

Wedding Cake Ideas

floral wedding cakeSelecting the best wedding cake usually reflects personal tastes, the wedding theme, and the desired budget. To help you make the ultimate decision, we suggest scheduling a bridal consultation meeting to get you started as early as possible.

Then, start looking for cake ideas. Look through wedding magazines and books for wedding cake pictures showing themes and styles. Draw or sketch a cake design even if you aren’t a talented artist; we work from sketches all the time and can help fill in the blanks for any cake. Bring your own cake sketches, pictures, and ideas with you when we meet.

Your wedding cake design can range from modern, whimsical, rustic, traditional, simple, to sophisticated. We can help with ideas and pictures or designs.

Other important decisions are:

  • Deciding on a budget
  • Determining how many guests to serve
  • What flavors and fillings to use
  • What color(s) will be featured
  • What accent color(s) will be used
  • Do need a cake topper
  • Do you need a groom’s cake

When we meet, we will provide other wedding cake ordering details:

  • Available flavors and fillings
  • Schedule a cake tasting time
  • Finalizing a sketch and details of the cake design
  • How we price our cakes
  • When a deposit is due and when payments must be completed
  • Delivery and set-up details

Wedding Cake Prices

Most wedding cake prices are determined by the number of people to be served and the complexity of the design. Keep this in mind when trying to plan your budget for a wedding cake in NWA.

Remember that cake delivery is very important, especially for complex multi-tiered wedding cakes.wedding-cake-bakery-northwest-arkansas We will handle local NWA (Bentonville, Rogers, Centerton, Springdale, Lowell, areas) cake delivery and set-up. Safe and secure transportation will be arranged to get the cake from our bakery to the reception to avoid a cake disaster. Set up and final touches ensures a beautiful cake presentation.

It’s good to know that Sweet D’z Express Bakery specializes in custom cakes. We are an experienced wedding cake bakery. All wedding cakes are made to order with attention to detail, design, looks, and taste. Each cake is custom designed to help meet your dream cake design.

Beautiful cakes for beautiful brides that are delicious. Even great tasting special gluten free, dairy free and vegan wedding cakes can be provided by us. Design your wedding reception cake to match your style. Your wedding guests will admire your wedding cake and enjoy the gourmet cake taste.

Bridal Cake Consultations

We offer complimentary cake tasting and design consultations by appointment only. Bridal appointments are available only after 2:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday. Call us to schedule your appointment soon to begin creating the wedding cake of your dreams.

Sweet D’z Express Bakery is conveniently located in Bentonville and serves the Northwest Arkansas area. We would like to be the Wedding cake bakery in Bentonville (serving all of  Northwest Arkansas) you will be proud each time you look at those sentimental wedding photo albums.


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Sweet D’z Featured In The Press http://sweetdzbakery.com/sweet-dz-featured-in-the-press/ http://sweetdzbakery.com/sweet-dz-featured-in-the-press/#comments Wed, 14 Aug 2013 23:59:36 +0000 http://sweetdzbakery.com/?p=776 denise hahn and melissa monroe owners of sweet dz bakeryWoo Hoo! We were recently featured on the cover of the Dinning Guide in the local Sunday news paper. How about the cover shot of us?

It’s not our first time to be featured in the press somewhere, but, we just liked this picture. For those of you that have been to our bakery, you know it is a little tight on space. The photographer did a pretty good job, we think.

Click Here to read the article and share it with your friends.

While your here, leave a comment or review on our Reviews Page.

Or use these social buttons below to share on your favorite on-line hang out. Thanks!

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Who Has The Best Cupcakes In Bentonville? http://sweetdzbakery.com/who-has-the-best-cup-cakes-in-bentonville/ http://sweetdzbakery.com/who-has-the-best-cup-cakes-in-bentonville/#comments Fri, 22 Feb 2013 17:24:39 +0000 http://sweetdzbakery.com/?p=555 cup-cake-bakery-in-bentonville-ar

Cupcake Bakery In Bentonville AR

We often hear people talking about cupcakes in Bentonville. Of course we always want to jump right in and talk about our cupcakes. Most often the question is “Who has the best cup cakes in Bentonville?”.

We don’t really want to toot our own horn, so to speak, but we sure get a lot of great comments and reviews about our cup cakes and other yummy baked treats. Order a dozen and try them; then let us know what you think.

While no one is quite certain where cup-cakes came from, it is known that they made an appearance in the United States sometime in the 19th Century. Called Fairy Cakes in the United Kingdom, cupcakes revolutionized how cake was made and mothers across the land lauded the blessing.

best cup cakes bakery northwest arkansas;Though cupcakes only recently developed an upsurge in popularity, causing a number of bakeries to specialize in just cupcakes, it was in 1919 when Hostess developed the precursor to the Hostess Chocolate Cupcake.

And, just a few years ago the popular TV show Cup Cake Wars helped elevate the popularity of cupcakes.

Wedding Cupcakes

A more recent trend, gaining in popularity, is cupcake towers in lieu of a more traditional wedding cake. We have some simple displays available for just those adventurous wedding planners that want an unusual wedding cake display. Try adding colorful Kup-cakes to the accent the main wedding cake.

Event Cupcake Displays

Corporate events are now featuring specially designed displays for cup cakes. Unusual and elaborate themed display can really make these small sweet treats the center of attention. Let us help with your next company event and make it a cupcake party!

Gluten Free Cupcakes

Recently, we began offering gluten free cakes and cup cakes. We have tried very hard to only offer only Yummy gluten free products. Our gluten free cup cakes have finally made it to our Menu.

Order Cupcakes

little piggy cup cakes

Little Piggy Cupcakes

Order all your cupcakes from Sweet D’z Express Bakery in advance by calling us or visiting with us. Please allow one week advance ordering for large orders and special requests. Ask us about delivering your large orders.

Eating a cupcake can make you feel young again. Maybe you’ll remember a time when you shared cupcakes at a birthday party or just as an after school treat. We offer a variety of flavors and real butter-cream frosting . We’ll help design the special colors and custom themes for all of your special requests.

Does Sweet D’z Have The Best Cupcakes In Bentonville?

Chocolate Cup Cakes

Chocolate Cup Cakes

There probably isn’t an appetite or sweet tooth that can’t be satisfied with a tasty cupcake. If you think we have the best cup cakes in Bentonville, please leave a comment below and tell your neighbors. Have you tried our Bentonville cupcakes?



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Gluten Free Is Here! http://sweetdzbakery.com/gluten-free-is-here/ http://sweetdzbakery.com/gluten-free-is-here/#comments Wed, 30 Jan 2013 19:45:59 +0000 http://sweetdzbakery.com/?p=528 Our Research and Development Department (i.e. Sweet D) has good news for our gluten-free and dairy-free customers! Try us as your Bentonville Gluten Free Bakery.

We have been working hard on creating a brownie worthy of the Sweet D’z bakery name. We have found success with gluten free brownies! Believe me, they are YUMMY!!

The gluten free brownies are ready. . .

Bentonville Gluten Free Bakery - Gluten free brownies picture

Gluten-Free Brownies Debut!

We have them available for ordering right now. We will let you know when we have them available for individual sale at our front counter soon. Woo-hoo!

We are also working hard on several other gluten free bakery items, especially cakes. Several customers have requested gluten free products for a while now. We may have a gluten free cinnamon roll and other goodies very soon. Experiments are on-going and seem to be producing some exciting new ideas. The gluten free items are great opportunities for us as we continue to grow our bakery.

Dairy free items are also on the horizon. Though we are still doing our research, some items will be coming around the corner soon. Keep in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter (links below) to stay up to date as we continue to offer new and yummy gluten and dairy free treats.

Our involvement in the gluten-free, wheat-free and allergen-free community is personal. We have immersed ourselves in a special mission of making life tastier and easier for people on special diets.

More Gluten-Free items are being developed for our customers in the gluten-free and allergen-free community. Their support and interest is the true energy that has driven us to provide the best products possible.

Sweet D’z Express Bakery always uses the old fashioned ways of small, hand made batch baking, and quality ingredients. We strive for uniqueness and character in everything we offer. Yummy (Customer satisfaction) is in everything we do.

Although the bakery is not certified as a gluten-free environment, we will make every effort possible and be very diligent to minimize any possible wheat contamination.

We welcome you as a member of our Bentonville Gluten Free Bakery family of customers. Whether you are just dropping in to see what is new, purchasing a product, or providing us feedback, You are the reason we are here. You are what makes us tick.

By: Denise Hahn

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